Phase 2 Vision: The Launch of the Truth Cove Website

By Made of Still

This post is all about the launch of the Truth Cove website on 7.7.7

I’m currently embracing a soft launch approach despite the fact that the mission to empower Christians is far from complete.

Why do I say this? This is because God has impressed on my heart a particular date to begin revealing Truth Cove’s purpose publicly. He gave the date 7.7.2023.

For those unfamiliar with the biblical significance of this launch date, 7.7.2023 (or 7.7.7) is a representation of completion and fullness.

Here is a short video introducing the “soft launch” of the website.

Honestly, if it was up to me, I would have preferred a hard launch when everything was completed and correctly in place. But God made it clear to me that this is the date He has chosen.

I wrote a blog post-January 2023 titled “7 Legit Ways to Own Your Truth” on my primary website to chronicle my raw feelings!

If you read that blog post, you’ll totally have an idea of my raw emotions at that time!


Founder of Truth Cove

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