Phase 1 Vision: Christian Empowerment

By Made of Still

This will be a reflection of the journey to Christian empowerment!

I want to share a journal entry that I wrote in January of 2022. It is essentially the birth of the vision of this Christian empowerment website.

Through downloads, I started to write what I was hearing from the Lord. It was a prophetic journal entry where I was seeing this website at its point of completion.

I would say this was when God gave me phase 1 of the vision for this website.

Here is the journal entry:

In September of 2021, I announced a year-long sabbatical. At the time, I was burnt out and running on fumes. I had been working for 15 years straight since immigrating to the United States and had neglected my well-being.

Coincidentally, my sabbatical fell on the Jewish Year 5781-5782, a sabbatical year, a rest year. So, I knew that God was about to birth something extraordinary. It felt divine. In the midst of my rest, God continued to speak to me and show me His vision for my life and ministry.

After creating two brands that fall under my mission to motivate and inspire, I knew something was amiss with my vision. My mission didn’t feel complete yet. I needed an arm of my brand that dealt with empowerment.

During this time, I felt the Lord leading me to create an empowerment brand under my existing mission to motivate and inspire. I knew that this was the missing piece of my puzzle. Once I finally understood my anointing and wrote a bombshell piece about anointing, God revealed that I was finally ready. And so, Truth Cove was born.

The vision for Truth Cove is to be a platform for empowerment. The word Truth represents the Spirit of God and His word, that is, the absolute truth. Cove means hidden. I believe that my anointing and giftings have been hidden for a time so that I could learn in various fields like advocacy.

Now that I feel that I have come to the fullness of understanding of my anointing, I believe I can fully execute the empowerment arm of my brand. This will be done through the help of the Holy Spirit. The goal is to empower people in their destinies to authentically live out their God-given purpose.

Truth Cove is a platform where people can come to be empowered by the truth of God’s word. When people are armed with the truth, I believe they can live their best lives and fulfill their God-given purpose.

I’m so excited to launch this brand, and I hope that people will join me on this journey!

Truth Cove is more than just a website or blog; it’s a community of people committed to living their best lives. I would totally love (it would be an honor!) for people to be a part of this community.

If one is looking for a place to connect with like-minded individuals and be empowered by the truth of God’s word, then Truth Cove is the right place for them!

I can’t wait to start living our best lives together!


Founder of Truth Cove

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